Hampden Homes for Sale

This unique community is home to the Hampden “Hon,” a caricature of a boisterous local legend with a beehive hairdo, glittery horn-rimmed glasses, love of pink flamingoes, and speaking the much beloved and imitated “Bawlmer-ese.” Every year the Baltimore Hon is honored at Hampden’s HonFest where women dress up in their best Hon attire, and men don their best Elvis costumes. The exciting event is a true Maryland tradition. Hampden homes for sale were originally built to sustain the milling industry throughout the 1800s. During that time, mill owners constructed housing for their workers and their families. Many of these homes are two story rowhouses made out of brick or stone, and some are larger stone houses originally meant to house managers and upper level staff. Most of these larger Hampden homes for sale are now complete with beautiful, architecturally unique front porches and have now been colorfully painted to represent the fun-loving and quirky crowd that lives there.

Hampden Amenities

Hampden homes for sale are located approximately five miles north of the downtown district and easily accessible by I-83. Many of the neighborhoods amenities are found along Falls Road and the main street, affectionately called “The Avenue.”  Along “The Avenue,” residents enjoy eateries, shopping, wellness centers, churches, and other local services. Even the store fronts of local businesses boast bright colors and eccentricities that reflect the personalities of many of the quirky, bohemian types that call Hampden their home. Hampden’s mixed-use property, The Rotunda, includes offices, apartments, shops, a movie theater, and a Moms’s Organic Market. The Giant Food located a block away is another grocery option for residents. Conveniently, Hampden homes for sale are situated next to Remington, an upcoming neighborhood that also offers many restaurants and services, with more continuing to develop. A Remington favorite is the newly constructed R. House open air food market, where patrons can choose from over seven different ever-changing eatery options…or try something from all of them! To its east, Wyman Park is a beloved green space that separates Hampden and Roland Park, and it is a perfect place for a picnic and for young families to enjoy the playground. Students and staff of Johns Hopkins University also often choose Hampden homes for sale due to their proximity to campus, unique community personality, and all of the features it offers that make any neighborhood a desired place to live.

Hampden Attractions

Many of the old mills around which Hampden was constructed are now renovated with a flare of luxurious modernity. They now host upscale apartment buildings, renowned restaurants like La Cuchara and Woodberry Kitchen, and even breweries including Baltimore’s well-loved Union Craft Brewing, where music lovers enjoy frequent concerts with their local Duckpin Pale Ale. “The Avenue,” located on 36th Street in the heart of the community, is definitely one of Hampden’s biggest attractions, for locals and tourists alike. Trendy hipster hangouts within walking distance of Hampden homes for sale like Rocket to Venus and Golden West Café are situated between unique, colorful shops that boast a love for everything Baltimore. Here you can also find The Charmery ice cream shop, voted best ice cream in Maryland, where patrons enjoy quirky and playful flavors like Old Bay Caramel, and Hon Café, which pays homage to the beloved Hampden Hon. Another local tradition happens just blocks down from “The Avenue,” where the neighbors decorate their houses every year in an impressive Christmas light display. The spectacle is known as “Miracle on 34th Street,” which attracts wide-eyed sightseers from all across the world during the holiday season.

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