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The fun-loving waterfront district of Fells Point is named after an English Quaker, William Fell, who purchased 100 acres in the area in 1730 to establish a shipyard. The area remained a shipbuilding epicenter until the Civil War when the construction of the larger war ships moved east to the ports of Canton. Fells Point homes for sale boast a rich history, and the community is home to the oldest standing house in Baltimore, the Robert Long House. The house, built in 1765, is atypical of the architecture commonly found in the area. The house more closely resembles the architecture found in Southern Pennsylvania, where the merchant was born and raised, rather than the brick two story rowhouse that is typical of the 18th and early 20th century construction featured in many Fells Point homes for sale.

Fells Point Amenities

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Those who live and work in Fells Point find access to all the goods and services one needs without having to leave the neighborhood. The Harbor East shopping and restaurant district  just to the west of Fells Point offers extensive dining and retail options and also has a Landmark movie theater, all within walking distance of Fells Point homes for sale. A Whole Foods Market, a nearby Safeway, and many corner convenience stores make grocery shopping in the neighborhood extremely manageable. The Waterfront Promenade offers magical views of the harbor and the iconic Domino Sugar neon sign and is enjoyed by locals who stroll along the pathway with their dogs or go for evening run, a scene truly unique to Fells Point homes for sale. Additionally, there are several yoga studios and a CrossFit gym for those who like to maintain an active lifestyle but not have to travel too far to do so. Notably, Fells Point homes for sale are accessible by MTA and Charm City Circulator routes.

Fells Point Attractions

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Those who live in and visit Fells Point are never left wanting something to occupy their time! Locals find it easy to spend the day walking the cobblestone along Thames Street, stopping in and out of the historic bars and restaurants, listening to the music at The Cat’s Eye Pub, and admiring the view of the harbor. Many of the local hangouts here have fascinating histories to tell, like The Horse You Came In On, which was the last bar Edgar Allan Poe was said to visit prior to his death—a history that makes this bar a favorite of pub crawls and the Fells Point Ghost Tour alike. Annual festivals here draw the attention of the whole city, including the Fells Point Privateer Festival, Fells Point Halloween, and the Fells Point Fun Fest. The Northern end of Broadway Street is home to many authentic Mexican restaurants like Tortilleria SinaLoa, one of the best kept local secrets. The array of shops in the Fells Point district draws a diverse crowd, including fashion enthusiasts and music lovers. A Fells Point staple, The Sound Garden, is rated as the #2 on the list of best record stores in the country by Rolling Stone Magazine. When discovering all of the fantastic attractions close to Fells Point homes for sale, this record store, no matter what type of music moves you, is not one to be missed!

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